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Trick Of Magic

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XXxStinkyBoixXx 07.10.2019 в 02:22
The band should close tightly, trapping the coin in the small pocket of fabric. Of course, they will say no. The trick relies on you balancing on one of your feet, so make sure the audience can only see the foot that is closest to the audience. Be sure to keep the cards snug against your hand.
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You will want the thread hold to feel taut when you extend your arm in front of you, yet long enough to allow the card to dangle about a foot below your hand. Break the rubber band and loop it through the ring before stretching out the band between your hands—one higher in the air than the other. Light the candles, turn the bottle upside down and move the bottle slowly into position until it is one inch away from the lit candles. When they do, take the top two cards and count them off so as to subtly flip their ordering and show them to the audience, asking them to remember the cards.